Cockroaches in the kitchen in San Juan PR - Rentokil, formerly Oliver ExterminatingIt’s no wonder that our kitchens in San Juan PR always seem to attract pest problems. A kitchen holds all of the necessities that bugs and rodents need—there’s plentiful food, access to water or moisture, dark and secluded places to hide, and sometimes even easy access back outdoors.

Are you looking to find ways to pest-proof your kitchen? Read on for advice from our team at Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating! We’ve put together some information on the reasons for kitchen pest infestations and tips for preventing them.

Why You Might Have Bugs in the Kitchen

There are a number of reasons why bugs or rodents might be in your kitchen. Depending on how they found their way in and what they’re looking for, some pests can stick around for months or even years without you ever noticing that they’re there. These are the top three things that pests are looking for in your kitchen:

  • Food: Whether it be from spilled food, unsealed food products, or dirty dishes, pests can find a source of nourishment almost anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Water: Water that pools up due to leaks under your cupboards or compounds around your sink and counters can create an easily accessible source of hydration for all sorts of thirsty pests.
  • Shelter: With cluttered shelters, dark pantries, and damp cupboards as options, pests have bountiful hiding spaces in most kitchens.

5 Ways to Prevent Pests in the Kitchen

Preventing pests in the kitchen means staying diligent about keeping clean. Here are the top five ways to keep pest infestations from starting in your kitchen:

  1. Clean up spills and wash your dishes when you’re done with your meals.
  2. Keep moisture from building up by sealing any leaky pipes, unclogging any backed up drains, and running your garbage disposal often.
  3. Take out your trash often and use bins with sealing lids if you can.
  4. Check the expiration dates on goods that you purchase at the grocery store. Additionally, check your pantry and refrigerator routinely to make sure that nothing has expired.
  5. Close gaps by your windows and doors by using screens and door sweeps.

Professional Help with Kitchen Pests in San Juan

Are you struggling to keep pests out of your kitchen, even after following all of our advice? Sometimes, the problem is bigger than you can control or invisible to the untrained eye. Our professional pest control technicians at Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating, have years of training and experience in dealing with pests in our customers’ kitchens. We can get rid of all active pests and make sure that new infestations don’t start up again. Contact us today for a free quote!

Top Tips for a Pest-Free Kitchen in Puerto Rico

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