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moth control services in Puerto Rico

The moth is an insect that establishes its colony inside the wood and feeds on the cellulose that it contains or other materials such as paperboard and paper that also contain cellulose.

It depends on a well-organized social structure for its subsistence; the colony can count on thousands of members after a couple of breeding adults are introduced in the wood and the queen deposits its first egg.

Breeding adults develop wings and fly out of the interior of the wood for the purpose of establishing new colonies.

If you find adult breeding moths inside your home, this is dangerous for your furniture, cabinets, doors, books, and everything else that contains cellulose. Although this usually occurs in the spring in Puerto Rico due to its warm climate, it can occur at other times of the year as well.

Unlike the subterranean termite, which needs the moisture of the earth to survive, the moth gets the moisture from the wood itself from which it feeds.

Another sign that indicates the presence of moths is its excreta that looks like small granites of sand that expel to the outside as the colony is growing since they need space for the new members. Because these insects live inside the wood and feed on it, it is difficult to determine their exact distribution and the magnitude of the infestation. Fumigation is the most effective way to completely remove the moths from your home.

Fumigation is a process that involves covering the house with tarpaulins (in wooden structures) or sealing off all doors, windows, and openings (in cement structures) and then the introduction of a fumigant into the interior of the structure. After the fumigant is introduced, the structure will remain fully closed for a period of 12 to 48 hours depending on the situation. After removal of the tarpaulins or sealing of the structure, it has to be aerated for a minimum of six hours and then tested with sophisticated fumigant detection equipment to ensure that it is safe for occupants to enter.

Oliver Exterminating Corp. is the largest and most experienced fumigation company in Puerto Rico and many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. The fumigant of choice is the “Vikane” gas as it was specially designed for moth control and has a proven track record of effectiveness as it was commercialized in 1961. No other fumigant penetrates the wood as well as the gas fumigant “Vikane”.

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