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Birds are typically welcomed members in our society, but their nests and droppings create serious problems for homes and businesses. In addition to the potential structural damage, the germs and bacteria from their droppings can cause as many as 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses in humans.

This is particularly problematic for our communities that have stringent sanitary standards to uphold, making it important to enlist bird pest control services from a professional. That’s where the bird exclusion experts at Rentokil formerly Oliver Exterminating can help!

Bird Control in Puerto Rico; Rentokil formerly Oliver Exterminating

The Importance of Bird Exclusion in Puerto Rico

Most people are unaware of the risk that pest birds pose to their health and well-being. As a result, this hazard is often ignored by home and business owners. Nuisance species such as pigeons, doves, sparrows, and starlings can transmit a series of infectious illnesses including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, and more all through their droppings.

Contact with infected birds, their dander, or their droppings can result in serious health problems. The licensed experts can implement effective, humane bird exclusion to keep birds away from your property.

Bird FAQs

Birds are attracted to inviting environments based on their region. If you have large numbers of insects and native plants in your yard, an unkempt lawn, or lots of water features, birds will happily flock to your house. Limiting these features on your property can reduce your chances of dealing with high numbers of nuisance birds.

Bird diet varies greatly across their many species and inhabited climates. Many kinds of birds eat berries, seeds, nuts, insects, spiders, and various vegetation, and some also eat fish, small mammals, other birds, decaying animals and garbage. This means that preventing birds on your property could include keeping your trash cans closed and sealed, monitoring your lawn for high insect populations, and choosing the types of plants in your yard based on common local bird diets.

There are a variety of DIY options for bird control in San Juan PR. These include:

  • Repellent sprays. One popular option is a blend of water, vinegar, and chili peppers. Crush and stir in the peppers, heat the mixture in a crockpot or with sunlight for infusion, and spray in problem areas.
  • Garden balls. These large, vibrantly-colored balls can be hung up around your yard to mimic the eyes of predators. They also double as great decorations for your yard!
  • Bird spikes. Sets of spikes can be installed wherever birds are frequently landing. The birds will see the spikes and avoid the area. 
  • Predators. Replica predators like cats and owls can be made out of wood or metal to trick birds into thinking there is danger in the area. If you buy or make some, rotate them around your yard to make the birds believe that they’re active.

Birds are known to avoid reflective objects of many sorts. Hanging up tin foil, aluminum cans, CDS, and mirrors are all viable options for bird deterrents. The bright light bouncing off of the surfaces will scare them away from your yard.

Birds carry a wide range of diseases, from avian pox, to salmonella, to trichomoniasis, and many others. Symptoms can range from mild to severe by disease and can result in hospitalizations in serious cases. It’s best to limit your exposure to birds and their droppings and rely on your local pest control company to deal with them safely.

Bird droppings have been known to carry many kinds of diseases. Here are some to watch out for:

  • Salmonella: This bacterial infection is mainly associated with raw animal products and can cause severe stomach irritability and fever-like symptoms.
  • Psittacosis: Also called ornithosis and parrot fever, this disease causes flu-like symptoms and can be transmitted by many species of birds.
  • Histoplasmosis: This illness is caused by a fungus found in soil with high amounts of bird droppings. It causes fever, chills, headache and body aches, chest pain, and exhaustion.

The best bird deterrents change based on the types of birds you’re dealing with and the size of the population. Some people use water sprinkler repellents, some choose lasers and reflective light strategies, others use scarecrows and spikes. Each bird outbreak is different and requires a unique solution to solve in the most efficient way.

Trained pest control specialists are equipped with the equipment and knowledge to safely eliminate and prevent nuisance birds on your property. Trying to deal with birds on your own and without the right information can be very dangerous. Call your local pest control company with any questions you might have about bird control in your area.

Year-Round Bird removal Service

Birds cause untold millions of dollars of damage every year to homes, commercial buildings, government facilities, and industrial complexes in Puerto Rico. Their droppings, nesting materials, and parasites pose serious threats to structures and to the people in and around them. Our bird pest control solutions can protect you, your property, and your people.

Trusted Bird Control Experts

Bird removal is no job for amateurs. Because there are so many regulations in place when it comes to bird control, it’s important to never attempt to remove them yourself. If you’re dealing with bird problems, it’s time to contact the experienced bird removal technicians here at Rentokil Formerly Oliver Exterminating.

Our bird control service includes the following steps:

A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the bird species

Placement or application of bird removal and bird pest control methods

Implementation of bird exclusion tactics to control sources of the infestation

A detailed bird removal report describing the treatment

Bird control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Bird Control – Removal in Puerto Rico

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