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Welcome to Oliver Exterminating Services Corp.

Since 1956 Oliver Exterminating Services Corp

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Since 1956, Oliver has provided the finest pest control, termite control, and fumigation you will find anywhere. Couple that with the care and drive that was required to take a small operation founded in Cuba after the war to a thriving business with six locations, serving the residents and businesses throughout Puerto Rico and many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. That’s Oliver Exterminating Services.In 2015, Oliver joined Rentokil Initial to become part of the world’s largest and most sophisticated pest management company. Rentokil Initial has provided Oliver colleagues access to world-class training and development which ultimately provides Oliver clients better services.



We’re proud to be the largest pest control company in Puerto Rico – We love our jobs and we take them seriously. We offer premier customer service through highly trained, friendly technicians who are responsive and proactive. Then we go beyond these services to guarantee our work 100 percent. When you go with Oliver, you’re going with the best in pest control.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

Continuing Follow Through: You’ll receive Oliver’s year-round PestFree 365 management service for continual protection.

Guaranteed Bird Management: We will provide you peace of mind from disease-carrying birds with our world-class exclusion programs.

Protection from Disease Vectoring Mosquitoes: Our Inspection, Education, Eradication, and Prevention programs are world class and are custom developed, utilizing safe and appropriate products to protect you against Zika, Dengue, West Nile and the Chikungunya viruses.

Guaranteed Guard Against Termites: Our Termite Home Protection Service ensures that termites stay out of your homes and businesses.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our licensed technicians use the most effective and up-to-date pest control and termite control methods, materials, and equipment.

Humane Approach: Whether we’re removing pests or treating your lawn and garden, we employ the most humane and least toxic strategies available.

Peace of Mind: If you need an audit to have your facility certified pest free, we can help. We keep detailed records and help you stay compliant with all regulations.

Mindful of the Environment: We have more licensed technicians trained in integrated pest management (IPM) and safe practices than any other pest control or extermination company on the island.

You Have Our Word: We guarantee 100 percent that your Oliver service will be done right, every time. If it isn’t, please let us know and we will make it right.

Why Choose Oliver?

7 reasons to choose Oliver Exterminating

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    Oliver's experienced technicians have been serving Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 1956.

  • 2

    Oliver technicians are carefully selected before starting work at the company and receive continuing education in the techniques of Integrated Pest Management to keep abreast of all innovations and changes that occur in the pest control industry.

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    Oliver has branches covering all major cities of the island and a fleet of 120+ vehicles, which immediately allows us to meet all of your service requirements.

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    Oliver specializes only in pest management, which allows us to offer our customers solutions specific to pest management.

  • 5

    To protect our customers, Oliver maintains a public liability insurance with coverage of $5M.

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    Oliver submits complete documentation of all the services we provide.

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    At your request, Oliver provides pest management seminars to our staff and our facilities at no cost to you.

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Would You Like to Work for Us?

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We are always expanding our team of professionals and looking for people who want to start a career in pest control. Obtaining a position with us means that you have the chance to work for the largest pest control company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. At Oliver Exterminating Services Corp. we have traditions that are built on our long experience in the pest management industry. We respect our team members and offer them good working conditions and the best equipment, allowing them to do the job efficiently and hassle free.

Interested in working for us? Send us your resume and cover letter.

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