Oliver Exterminating has been the industry leader in pest control in Puerto Rico since 1956. We have stayed at the forefront of the latest techniques and always maintained a focus on “eco-friendly” techniques to solve a variety of pest problems. A comprehensive regiment for pest control in Puerto Rico, Oliver Elite Service includes several different service programs in one. Oliver Elite Service, or “OES,” is a program that covers preventive and corrective control over the following pests:
1. Ants
2. Earwigs
3. Carriers
4. Subterranean Termites
5. Arboreal termites
6. Wasps
7. Bees
8. Fleas
9. Ticks
10. Spiders
11. Scorpions
12. Cockroaches
13. Worms
14. Crickets
Our full spectrum of insect pest control in Puerto Rico is provided on a bi-monthly with a full warranty for two months. OES focuses on establishing a barrier (chemical) to prevent pests from entering your home or business.

We also make applications to cracks, crevices, and rodent feeding stations at no additional cost. We also offer monitor placement to keep an eye on subterranean termites, in order to prevent infestations of this hazardous pest.

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