Cockroaches are active at night in Puerto Rico - Rentokil formerly Oliver ExterminatingAs much as you may hate the thought of cockroaches crawling around while you’re asleep, this is likely the case when you have an infestation. That’s because cockroaches are, for the most part, nocturnal creatures. Roaches dislike daylight and will avoid being in the light whatsoever, even inside a building. During the day, cockroaches prefer to hide, often in the dark, damp areas of a property. At night, they will become more active as they hunt for food and water.

If you think you have cockroaches scurrying around your home or business overnight, read more to learn about their habits with the experts at Rentokil Formerly Oliver Exterminating!

Do Cockroaches Ever Sleep?

Like other animals and insects, cockroaches indeed have a specific circadian rhythm that includes a resting period. In one study done, it was found that roaches have three states of activity: a period of locomotion, a period of limb or antennae movement but no locomotion, and a period of immobility. Under normal light conditions (light by day and dark by night), cockroaches were only active at night, typically during the period right before midnight. There was little activity during the early morning hours, and roaches were found to rest during the daylight.

Cockroaches During the Daytime

If you see cockroaches in your home or business during the daytime, this could be a bad sign you have a serious infestation underway. Some of the reasons why you may be seeing cockroaches during the day include:

  • There is already a big infestation of roaches in your property.
  • Cockroaches have been forced out of their typical hiding places due to a lack of resources.
  • Artificial light can sometimes disorient roaches, encouraging them to come out in the daytime.

Where Are Cockroaches Hiding?

With their disdain for light, cockroaches are known to hide in the darkest, dampest places inside your home. This typically includes bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, and more. When you have a serious infestation, these pests can hide just about anywhere: under the appliances in your kitchen, underneath sinks, inside light switches, or amongst boxes in your attic or garage. If you stumble upon them during the day by moving an object, they will typically run away upon being seen.

Seeing Roaches in Your Home?

If you spot even a roach or two in your home or business, it’s important to contact your local cockroach exterminators at Rentokil right away. Our experts can thoroughly inspect your home to look for any signs of roaches hiding. From there, we’ll work to get rid of the pests for good. Contact us today to get started!

Are Roaches Nocturnal? in Puerto Rico

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