Fall is once again upon us. Pumpkin spice, homework, packed lunches, fallen leaves, and warm sweaters are all in season. When the weather turns, many different kinds of critters are looking for warmth too.

Rodents like mice and rats can make their way into your home through gaps in your walls, doors, or windows. Now’s the time to make an inspection and winterproof your home against these annoying pests.

Another pest that can really cause problems for tenants or homeowners in the fall are bedbugs. A lot of people mistake bedbug bites for allergies or scratches but skin inflammation that looks like a series of blisters could actually be bedbugs.

Dealing with Bedbugs This Fall 

Bedbugs are small, brownish insects that are relatively flat until they’ve fed. Bedbugs can bite at night to feed on blood, and they’re most active after midnight. These insects typically hide in crevices and cracks during the day and come out only at night.

These pests develop in three stages from egg to adult in about a month total, and they don’t need much beyond a warm home between 60 and 85 degrees. Now you know why bedbugs in Puerto Rico are becoming more of an issue.

Bedbugs can easily be transported in a variety of different ways from hitching a ride on backpacks and suitcases to sticking onto clothing.

Throw any clothing or sheets that you think could be affected by bedbugs into the hottest dryer setting for at least half an hour, vacuum around your bedroom, and use a brush to make a final pass before putting your sheets back on the bed.

To prevent bedbugs, remove clutter from around your bedroom and make sure that none of your wallpaper is slipping off and offering a place to hide. If you think you might have a bedbug infestation then contact Oliver Exterminating immediately.

Eliminate House Spiders, Stink Bugs, and Termites 

Sealing cracks and gaps around your home, keeping your home nice and clean, and removing outdoor debris like overhanging vegetation or wood piles are ways to reduce the problem if you find that spiders, stink bugs, and termites are somehow entering your home.

Removing wood piles where spiders can hide can also cut down on stinkbugs and termites, which can do your home’s foundation more serious harm. Drywood termites in Puerto Rico can hang around until well into November, so be sure to follow these tips and contact our professionals to thoroughly take care of the pest problem at hand.

Keep Mice Out of Your Home Too 

Oliver Exterminating protects your home in another way as well. Our pestfree365 home protection plan and commercial plan help you keep pests out of your home or business on an ongoing basis, making it easier for you to have a peace of mind.

The first step is inspecting for signs of pests. With rodents, things like droppings, gnawed holes, scampering sounds in your kitchen or basement, and unusual behavior from your pets could all be signs that something just isn’t right and that rodents have infested your home.

Our pestfree365 plan uses control methods aimed at getting rid of pests and keeping them out for good. Making structural repairs like caulking around doors and windows and adding screens can make a huge difference.

Storing food securely in Tupperware containers or cans is also a great way to eliminate food sources. Traps and bait stations might also work for some but if you have a real problem on your hands or if you’re overseeing a large commercial space then it’s best to take advantage of Oliver Exterminating’s rodent control program.

If you have a pest infestation on your hands or you want to take prevention methods during the colder months, be sure to contact the professionals at Oliver Exterminating for all of your pest management needs.

Pests in Puerto Rico You Need to Avoid and How to Avoid Them in Puerto Rico

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