Keep Rodents from Taking Refuge in Your Restaurant with These 5 Tips

Restaurants are one of the most attractive places for rodents. There is always plenty of food and water around from spills on the floor, trash outside, and leftovers that might be accessible.

All of these things are a natural part of the restaurant business. But to rodents, they are an open invitation to explore, eat, and drink—and that is where the problem begins.

The first step in rodent control is the things you can do to prevent rodents from getting inside or disrupting your business. Here are five tips you can use to keep the rodents away from your restaurant.

#1. Keep It Clean

Water and food spills are a normal part of any restaurant operation, but these spills attract rodents. Rodents need food and water to survive, so if you can limit these two critical things, you’ll limit any type of rodent infestation that may happen.

The best thing to do is to make sure every food spill, every water spill, and every grease spill has been completely cleaned up before closing. This is very important because rodents are active at night, so if you wait until the next morning, you’ll be too late.

#2. Leave No Food Open

All food items must be kept in sealed containers. Wrapping food with cellophane or plastic wrap isn’t good enough because rodents will gnaw right through the plastic. Metal containers work best, but solid and heavy plastic containers will work, too.

This is especially important for packaged good like chips, flour, rice, and other food products that may have their own packaging. Paper or bags that are sealed offer no protection against a rodent’s teeth, so even these types of goods must be placed in a sealed and sturdy container.

#3. Seal Garbage

Rodent control begins outside your restaurant, and if you don’t have sealed garbage, you will be attracting rodents right to your back door.

Metal cans with tight lids work great to keep rodents out of your garbage, and they need to be checked every night before you leave to make sure they are tightly sealed. Your garbage, loaded with discarded food, is a major rodent attractant, so this is one of the best things to do to keep rodents away from your restaurant.

#4. Don’t Let Them Inside

Doors and windows that are not closed tightly are easy entry spots for rodents. Cracks in the foundation or separations where electrical or water pipes come into your restaurant are also easy access points.

Keeping doors and windows closed tightly after you leave is a good way to keep rodents out, and caulking cracks and entry points around pipes will also keep rodents from getting in.

#5. Have Regular Pest Control Appointments

The most effective method of rodent control is to have regular pest control appointments. Pest control experts will be able to find out if any rodents are getting inside, and they can eliminate any problems you may have. They can also give you tips and ideas on how to keep rodents out so that they never become a nuisance.

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Keep Your Home Zika Free with 4 Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes

As you’re probably aware, the U.S. government has declared Puerto Rico a public health emergency site due to the current Zika epidemic. This allows the federal Department of Health and Human Services to divert extra emergency funds and health personnel to high-risk areas. However, that doesn’t mean citizens should wait for outside help.

The Zika virus may be more dangerous than many have been led to think. Scientists have confirmed that the people most at risk are pregnant women and women who are about to be pregnant due to the mounting evidence that the virus causes brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. However, newer research is showing that Zika may also affect certain adult brain cells and could lead to cognitive decline. As a result, people who contact Zika may be more likely to develop depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

This means that no matter your age or whether someone in your household is (or plans to be) pregnant, it is of utmost importance to start enacting mosquito control steps because mosquitos are the number one cause of the Zika spread. People in 77 of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities have tested positive for Zika. Use the following mosquito control tips to keep your home and property Zika free:

Install Outdoor Screens or Mosquito Netting

The best way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to put up physical barriers between yourself and them. But we know the important role outdoor spaces and open windows play in our climate. So, where possible, consider putting up mosquito netting over windows, outdoor patios, and other sitting areas. You can do this with more permanent outdoor screens or with temporary netting that can be taken down once the threat passes.

Drain Standing Water

Just one tablespoon of standing water can become a mosquito breeding ground for over 300 of the disease-carrying insects. Inspect your property, both inside and out, and eliminate all standing water. This includes flowerpots, trashcans, and bottles. If you have a boat on your property, make sure the bilge is dry and it is covered with a rainproof tarp. After every rainfall, inspect and drain areas again. If you have a pool, it’s likely to be safe as long as you maintain proper chlorine levels.

Use High-Potency Mosquito Repellent

When buying mosquito repellent, be sure to choose products with active ingredients of DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR 3535, or picaridin. Research from the Centers for Disease Control has shown these active ingredients to be most effective at repelling mosquitos. Be sure to apply them after sunscreen, and do not apply them underneath your clothes. Mosquito repellent should be applied whenever you are going outside for extended periods of time to protect your body from these biting insects.

Call in Pest Control

While all the above steps will help mitigate most mosquito breeding and keep them away from your body, you should also consider calling in your local pest exterminators to apply high-grade mosquito control products around your property. These commercial products further eliminate the chances of mosquitoes coming to and breeding in and around your home to keep you and your family safe and Zika free.

For more information about mosquito control and how professional exterminating products can keep mosquitos and other pests from invading your house, contact us today at Oliver Exterminating Services. Since 1956, we have been helping Puerto Rican families like yours enjoy pest-free living for a healthier and happier home environment. Don’t risk exposing your loved ones to the Zika virus. Enjoy expert mosquito control today.