Restaurants are one of the most attractive places for rodents. There is always plenty of food and water around from spills on the floor, trash outside, and leftovers that might be accessible.

All of these things are a natural part of the restaurant business. But to rodents, they are an open invitation to explore, eat, and drink—and that is where the problem begins.

The first step in rodent control is the things you can do to prevent rodents from getting inside or disrupting your business. Here are five tips you can use to keep the rodents away from your restaurant.

#1. Keep It Clean

Water and food spills are a normal part of any restaurant operation, but these spills attract rodents. Rodents need food and water to survive, so if you can limit these two critical things, you’ll limit any type of rodent infestation that may happen.

The best thing to do is to make sure every food spill, every water spill, and every grease spill has been completely cleaned up before closing. This is very important because rodents are active at night, so if you wait until the next morning, you’ll be too late.

#2. Leave No Food Open

All food items must be kept in sealed containers. Wrapping food with cellophane or plastic wrap isn’t good enough because rodents will gnaw right through the plastic. Metal containers work best, but solid and heavy plastic containers will work, too.

This is especially important for packaged good like chips, flour, rice, and other food products that may have their own packaging. Paper or bags that are sealed offer no protection against a rodent’s teeth, so even these types of goods must be placed in a sealed and sturdy container.

#3. Seal Garbage

Rodent control begins outside your restaurant, and if you don’t have sealed garbage, you will be attracting rodents right to your back door.

Metal cans with tight lids work great to keep rodents out of your garbage, and they need to be checked every night before you leave to make sure they are tightly sealed. Your garbage, loaded with discarded food, is a major rodent attractant, so this is one of the best things to do to keep rodents away from your restaurant.

#4. Don’t Let Them Inside

Doors and windows that are not closed tightly are easy entry spots for rodents. Cracks in the foundation or separations where electrical or water pipes come into your restaurant are also easy access points.

Keeping doors and windows closed tightly after you leave is a good way to keep rodents out, and caulking cracks and entry points around pipes will also keep rodents from getting in.

#5. Have Regular Pest Control Appointments

The most effective method of rodent control is to have regular pest control appointments. Pest control experts will be able to find out if any rodents are getting inside, and they can eliminate any problems you may have. They can also give you tips and ideas on how to keep rodents out so that they never become a nuisance.

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Keep Rodents from Taking Refuge in Your Restaurant with These 5 Tips in Puerto Rico

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