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Residential Pest Control

Since 1956 Oliver Exterminating Services

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Oliver Exterminating is one of the largest and oldest privately owned pest control companies in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Our years of experience are matched with the latest materials and most up-to-date pest control techniques.


Oliver Exterminating has developed quality pest control services that fit all our customers’ needs. We offer both residential pest control in Puerto Rico and commercial/industrial extermination. Our Oliver Elite Service, for instance, is designed to meet today's households’ needs. First, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine the most effective treatment strategy for your individual case. Based on the inspection results, we integrate several environmentally friendly approaches to ensure maximum protection for you and your family. In the rare case when it is needed, callbacks between services are no extra charge. A special feature of our residential pest control in Puerto Rico is that we will return every other month to service the perimeter of your home. Thus we will maintain the protective barrier against insect entry. The interior of your house will be treated only in case a particular problem arises.

Residential Services

You can reach us at our Puerto Rico location at

(787) 764-2000

or at our Dominican Republic location at

(809) 548-3064    

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