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Professional Lawn Care in Puerto Rico

Oliver Exterminating offers professional lawn care in Puerto Rico, keeping your lawn healthy, green, and free of turf-destroying pests, as well as many varieties of ants. Our lawn care program includes year-round liquid fertilization at no extra charge. It ensures that your lawn receives the vital nutrients that it needs to stay green throughout the year. Our specialists can help you choose additional options like Granular or Liquid Fertilization schedules, and they will target specific pests that infest your lawn such as ants, chinch bugs, grubs, fleas, ticks, and crickets. We can also help you with fungus & disease control, treat your weeds, or control your white flies.

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Contact us or call us today for our free comprehensive evaluation and estimate! If you are seeking lawn pest control in Puerto Rio, Oliver Exterminating is all that you need for keeping your green spaces healthy and thriving.