Oliver Bioremediation Service

Oliver Bioremediation Service

Keep your drainage systems and pipes clean with our special bioremediation techniques. Not only does bioremediation clear pipes, but it also removes potential homes for drain flies.

When your sink’s drainage pipe gets clogged, the most common reason is fat accumulation or food matter stuck deep in your pipes. Over years, your pipes accumulate both fat and organic matter that slowly reduce the flow of drainage till your drain is completely clogged.

Oliver Bio-Services is the exclusive distributor of “BioStim®” products in Puerto Rico and many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. Unlike enzymes or chemicals, the micro-organisms of Oliver Bio-Services’ BioStim® products digest and convert organic matter to carbon dioxide and water. As it comes to our bioremediation service in Puerto Rico, there is hardly a client of ours that has not taken advantage of this revolutionary cleaning technique.

Oliver Bio-Services’ BioStim® products are designed to remove fats, oils, and organic matter with the injection of specially-selected microorganisms in the drainage lines. These living organisms will act on the walls of the drain line to eliminate the fat and organic build-up.

Benefits of Bioremediation:

The accumulation of grease and organic matter also serve as a source of proliferation for drain flies. In addition, fats and organic wastes decompose accumulated within the drainage emanating odors.

1. Reduces the frequency of maintenance of grease traps to a minimum of 50%.
2. Eliminates or significantly reduces odors.
3. Eliminates or significantly reduces the flies breeding drainage.
4. Eliminates or significantly reduces blockages in drain lines.

Oliver Bio-Services is an extraordinary science in bioremediation using microorganisms to convert waste material into harmless substances.

This unique technology was first put into use in 1970 to clean the ocean oil spills. This technology is now available for the food service industry and provides a natural way to clean drain lines.

Oliver Bio-Services’ BioStim® products are safe for the environment. The micro-organisms used in the BioStim® products are naturally occurring in nature.

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