Drywood Termite Control

Drywood termites can cause significant damage to your home as they feed on the wood furniture and foundations of your property. Because these insects live inside the wood, it is difficult to determine their exact distribution and the actual extent of the infestation. A tent fumigation is the only way to completely eliminate drywood termites from your home. We successfully incorporate this technique to permanently repel these stubborn pests, for the most effective drywood termite pest control in Puerto Rico.A tent fumigation is a process that involves covering the house with canvas tarps and then injecting a fumigant inside the structure. After the fumigant is released the tents will stay on for 12 to 48 hours depending on the specifics of the individual job. Upon removal of the tarps, the structure will be aerated for a minimum of six hours and then tested to ensure that is it safe for re-entry by the occupants.

Oliver Exterminating is the largest and most experienced tent fumigation company in Puerto Rico and many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. Our fumigant of choice is Vikane gas since it was specially designed for the control of drywood termites and has a proven history of effectiveness since it was first introduced on the market in 1961. No other fumigant penetrates wood as well as Vikane Gas Fumigant. Thus we are confident to claim that our Drywood Termite Control Puerto Rico service is beyond doubt among the best solutions to your drywood termite problem.

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