Puerto Rico is easily one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. With amazing year-round weather, beautiful white-sand beaches like Flamenco beach, and a huge amount of biodiversity, there’s a lot to love.

Without adequate protection, though, some of that biodiversity might not be all that welcome. While exotic birds and gorgeously colored marine wildlife are everywhere, Puerto Rico residents know that pest control is absolutely essential to protecting their homes.

The most common pests in Puerto Rico are mosquitoes, flying roaches, ants, bed bugs, and rodents. Scorpions can also be an issue and, although their stings are non-poisonous and on par with bee stings, scorpions are definitely more intimidating and they like to hide in dark places like crawlspaces.

How to Protect Your Home From the Ground Up

A pest control company that handles a full range of pest control services and has a variety of pest control products to choose from is essential to enjoying all that Puerto Rico has to offer.

Oliver Exterminating Services has been offering pest control services and pest control products to residential and commercial clients on the main island, Mona, Vieques, and Culebra. Both rodent and wildlife control are part of the picture.

In terms of wildlife control, Oliver Exterminating Services does it from the ground up in that you’ll receive wildlife control services that remove and prevent pests from corroding the foundation of your home or place of business.

Pest Control Products

Whether you currently have a pest control issue on your hands or you’re looking to prevent one from happening, there’s a full range of pest control equipment to consider.

When you contact an Oliver Exterminating Services pest control specialist, make sure to ask about electrocuting insect light traps or different baits that can help with pest control.

Since moths and mosquitoes and flying roaches can be big problems for Puerto Rico residents, Oliver Exterminating Services offers glue insect light traps as well as electrocuting insect light traps to eliminate flying pests.

Depending on your location, business, and individual preferences, a pest control specialist from Oliver Exterminating might recommend an electrocuting insect light trap over a glue trap.

A technician can come to your home or place of business and fully install whatever you need.

If your business, for instance, is having an issue with rodents like mice and rats, then an Oliver Exterminating pest control specialist can install traps, baiting stations, and other pest control products around entry points or places where these pests might be looking for food.

Protecting Your Property Inside and Out

The pest control specialists at Oliver Exterminating protect your home inside and out by isolating entry points (e.g., and caulking around those potential entry points, where necessary) and installing traps inside your property if you’re currently dealing with a pest problem.

Some pests can literally threaten the stability of your home or workplace. Dry wood termites can chisel away at the foundation of your home and cause significant property damage—even damaging your furniture.

Only a pest control specialist can tell you the extent of your termite problem and the right steps to take to combat it. Many times a tent fumigation is called for to solve the problem for good.

Oliver Exterminating Services also provides lawn care services for the exterior of your home. Complimentary fertilization throughout the year is an extra perk you can expect at Oliver Exterminating—protecting your home or workplace inside and out.

Protect Your Home from the Ground Up in Puerto Rico

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