Prevention Tactics to Keep the Bed Bugs Out

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As colder weather arrives in Puerto Rico, pests retreat. Many indoor pests do disappear, or nearly disappear, with the onset of colder weather. They may go into hibernation, die off only leaving eggs behind in some unknown dark nook or cranny, or just move out of the house to some other location. But that’s not the case with bed bugs.

Watch Out for Bed Bugs in the Winter

You can get a bed bug infestation any time of year, the winter being no exception. And it doesn’t generally matter much what part of the country you live in either: bed bugs live there too. But how do bed bugs typically get into homes? And how can you prevent them from getting into yours? Here are some bed bug prevention tips to keep them out:

  • Avoid picking up used furniture from garage sales or from the side of the road. But if you must bring new furnishings into your home, inspect them thoroughly and spray them down with an anti-bed bug aerosol can before bringing them in.
  • Wash and dry any used clothes you pick up secondhand or are given on the high-heat setting. In the meantime, keep them sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Keep your pets (dogs and cats) well groomed and inspect them for bed bugs (and fleas and ticks) when they come in from outdoors. Remember that bed bugs can feed on your pets as well as on you, and it only takes a few intruders to start up a population.
  • If you have been out in the woods or if your coat or clothes have touched the ground, grass, or trees, check yourself for bed bugs before you return inside. Bed bugs may purposefully try to get onto any warm-blooded animal, and they can cling to clothes and hide in the folds.
  • Use a plastic mattress cover that seals your mattress completely off. This will at least stop any bed bugs that do get inside from infesting your mattress. But it will require other measures to actually eradicate bed bugs or fend off their bites.

Eradicate Your Bed Bugs This Winter

If you have a bed bug problem already, it will not go away just because the fall and winter weather are arriving. Bed bugs are not much affected by that because they are mostly “indoor” pests. Their primary food is human blood, though as mentioned, they will also feed on the blood of pets and other animals.
You may want to consider calling in experienced bed bug pest control in Puerto Rico, such as Oliver Exterminating, who has been providing top-notch pest control since 1956. You can also try some bed bug prevention measures on your own at first, such as:

  • Use diatomaceous earth on and around your bed. It will dehydrate and kill bed bugs.
  • Try bed bug sprays, fogger bombs, and CO2 traps.
  • Keep a lint roller handy to quickly roll up any bed bugs that you spot.
  • Use calamine lotion or rubbing alcohol on your skin to repel bugs and heal their itchy bites.

But you may need to still call bed bug pest control in Puerto Rico despite these efforts. Oliver Exterminating can apply heat treatment and other highly effective methods. Contact Oliver Exterminating today online or by calling (787) 764-2000.