Pest Prevention Is Our Game: How to Always Be One Step Ahead

mouse and wires

If you’re running a business, pest prevention should be among your first priorities. Infestations of pests like ants, termites, and rodents can be extremely problematic. These vermin can cause extensive damage to a property by chewing through wiring, scattering their droppings, destroying or contaminating inventory, and more. Oliver Exterminating can help you manage your rodent control and other common pests. In this entry you’ll learn more about the ways we help our clients pest-proof their businesses.

Seal Off Entryways

Our experts will carefully examine every inch of your business to look for cracks and holes that allow pests to sneak inside. We’ll seal these off, reducing the likelihood that new pests will invade your property. Sealing off entryways is an important step toward pest prevention when it comes to ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, and many other common pests. Some business owners try to do this on their own, but going with the professionals at Oliver is a safer way to go – our technicians are experienced when it comes to pest prevention, and are able to spot even tiny and hard-to-miss cracks.

Keeping Your Business Clean

One important thing business owners can do to minimize the chances of an infestation is keep their environment neat and tidy. This makes it harder for many pests to find places to hide. For instance, it’s common in many offices for employees to keep food at their desk. Did you know that even a bowl of candy left out can attract pests? You can take steps toward pest prevention by keeping all food sealed. Other good pest prevention measures include keeping shipping pallets outside and minimizing clutter. Not only do these practices give pests fewer places to make their homes, they also make it easier to spot the first signs of an infestation.

Regular Inspection and Assessment

When it comes to rodent control and the prevention of other common pests, it’s important to regularly assess your property for any signs of vulnerability or infestation. Depending on environmental factors like the weather and season, your business may become more vulnerable to certain pests. It can be time consuming and costly for business managers to regularly inspect their property, but failure to do so can be even more costly in the long run.

That’s why Oliver Exterminating is proud to offer our Pest Free 365 program. With this revolutionary subscription program, business owners have access to a highly-qualified technician who will regularly inspect their property for signs of infestation. Best of all, you’ll be covered if you develop an infestation of many common pests. Oliver 365 is an economical and comprehensive way to ensure that you’re taking all of the necessary pest prevention measures at your business and won’t let rodents or other pests get in the way of things.

These are just a few easy pest prevention measures business owners can take. Let Oliver Exterminating help you with rodent control, termite control, ant control, and more! Contact us today to get started.