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Leave Beehive Removal to the Professionals

May 14, 2017


Puerto Rico has beautiful weather year round. All that sunshine does wonders for the flowers here too—the Puerto Rican hibiscus is the state flower and its big, gorgeous red petals always steal the show.

All of those flowers can mean another…

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Wildlife Pests Wreaking Havoc? Who You Gonna Call?

Apr 10, 2017

phone call

If any wildlife has intruded onto your property or broken into your home—whether in search of food, shelter, or a place to nest—then you’re going to want to contact our wildlife management services right away. You should never attempt to deal with…

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Seal the Cracks to Keep Pests Out

Mar 25, 2017

sealing windows

Puerto Rico sure has its share of pests.

From mosquitoes to centipedes to spiders to scorpions, there are plenty of pests just waiting to climb and crawl into your home.

That’s why it’s a good idea to seal the cracks.

Cracks in y…

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6 Pests You Should Expect to See This Year and How to Combat Them

Mar 10, 2017

brown moth

No one likes the thought of having pests in their homes, no matter how tiny they may be. Having a home pest control service visit your home regularly is one of the best ways to keep pests in check and avoid an infestation that can be hazardous to bot…

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Three Tips to Deal with Pests in Your Restaurant

Feb 10, 2017

restaurant pests

No matter where your restaurant is—surrounded by trees or next to a big parking lot—pests are going to be a normal part of life. After all, people come to your restaurant to eat, Read more

DIY Pest Control Does Not Cut It: Four Reasons Why

Jan 28, 2017

mouse trap

Is DIY Pest Control a Good Idea?

If you have a pest infestation, you can choose to either handle it on your own or call in a pest control specialist operating i…

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Preventative Pest Control: Reasons Why Commercial Spaces Need to Take Action Now

Dec 22, 2016

pest control in building

Whether you operate a bakery in San Juan, a government office in Ponce, or a local manufacturing space in Mayagüez, keeping pests out of your space is crucial to the success of your operations. Organizations that have to deal with pests face a wide r…

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