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Ways to Stop Inviting Pests Into Your Home in Puerto Rico

Dec 10, 2017

pest control in puerto rico oliver exterminating

There’s really nothing more frustrating than having a pest control issue but not knowing where the pests are coming into your home from. The truth is that pests need a few simple ingredients to thrive. Shelter, food, warmth, and water are right at th…

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Dangers of Termites and Why You Shouldn't Delay Their Termination

Nov 20, 2017

termite control in puerto rico

Termites make a formidable opponent to your home’s foundation, but are termites actually dangerous to human health? Although termites aren’t known to transmit harmful diseases or to possess toxic bites, termites can exacerbate allergies among some Pu…

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5 Smart Tips From the Mosquito Control Experts

Nov 10, 2017

mosquito control puerto rico

The Centers for Disease Control have advised that Puerto Rico residents “practice enhanced precautions” in terms of their response to the Zika virus that’s run rampant ov…

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Leptospirosis: The Dangers and How to Best Combat This Growing Threat

Oct 20, 2017

rodent leptospirosis

Rodents like mice and rats can carry a host of diseases ranging from bacterial diseases to more serious viral diseases.

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control: What's the Difference?

Sep 22, 2017

pest control sign

The difference between residential and commercial pest control often boils down to the time frame that you have for taking action and what can happen if you allow a pest infestation to linger.

Residential pest control is usually a fairly straightf…

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5 Services Offered at Oliver Exterminating Services

Sep 12, 2017

pest exterminator

Puerto Rico pest control specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services have been enabling Puerto Rico residents to remain pest free since 1956.

In fact, the specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services feel so confident in their ability to remove p…

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Mosquito and Tick-Borne Diseases: 4 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

Aug 22, 2017

happy family

Mosquitoes and ticks are some of the worst biting insects around. Mosquitoes by themselves can infect you with such things as Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and a host of ot…

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How to Keep the Mosquitoes and Ticks Away

Aug 12, 2017

mosquito bite

Mosquitoes and ticks around your home can be a major problem in the summer. For many people, they can be so bad that they keep them from spending time outdoors with friends and family even when the weather is nice. In worst case scenarios, these unpl…

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