Don't Lose the Battle! Come Out Victorious Against Pests

pest control

If you are in a losing battle against pests at your commercial property, consider calling commercial pest control to help. Without professionals, there’s no guarantee pests will stay out, and it can be near impossible to ensure that you got them all. By hiring us, you know you are getting the best commercial pest control that Puerto Rico has to offer, and we have proven services that can not only get them out but keep them away from your property. Here are some of our top services for commercial properties.


We are a leading provider of bioremediation. This service allows us to get rid of flies in your drains as well as decrease or eliminate odors and grease in them. Food and other matter can get stuck in your drains and pipes, and they could end up staying there for years. This can cause homes and commercial properties to get infested with drain flies and other pests that can be difficult to remove on your own. Our bioremediation can get rid of any and all pests that may be lurking in your pipes. We use our trademarked BioStim products, which remove fats, oils, and organic matter from your drains and pipes.

Wildlife Control

Sometimes big pests can find there way into a commercial property. Instead of taking matters into your own hands when trying to remove a bigger animal like a raccoon, mongoose, or iguana, call Oliver Exterminating. These pests are more scared of you than you are of them, but they aren’t afraid of protecting themselves when it is necessary. Keeping a safe distance and contacting a pest management professional (PMP) is the best way to avoid further damage to your property or hurting yourself.

We have pest control equipment for every type of pest, so we are well-prepared for any call we get. Whether its rodents, roaches, raccoons, or snakes, we’ve got you covered with our commercial pest control in Puerto Rico.

Rodent Control

One of the more common sightings at commercial properties is rodents. They can get into buildings a million different ways, and once they are in, they are hard to get out on your own. Rodents can hide in the walls, the floor, and any other crevasse they can fit into. This can make them hard to find and catch, and as a result, the only way to truly get them out and keep them out is by calling a PMP. We have professional pest control services for both commercial and residential properties, so we know how to help you.

Things You Can Do

If you notice any pests in your commercial property, there are things you and your employees can do to help the situation until a PMP arrives. You can keep food stored in plastic or in secure areas, watch for any early signs, and keep areas clean so that you can not only keep a pest problem at bay but also prevent further situations.

If you are in need of any commercial pest control services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!