Keep Nuisance Birds Away with These Effective Methods

Nature can be wonderful, especially when we think of the animal world and all it has to offer. Most of the time, we love our furry and feathered friends! But sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not, they become a nuisance — and more than that, a health hazard! This can be especially true of pest birds like pigeons, doves, and starlings. These species can transmit a number of fungal infections to the lungs and mouth, and bacterial infections to the gut. Therefore, when these nuisance species start to infest your property, it’s vital that you act quickly and contact experts at bird control in Puerto Rico — like the professionals at Oliver Exterminating! It’s also a good idea to keep them from becoming a nuisance in the first place, so let’s look at a few ways of doing that.

Scare Tactics

Believe it or not, birds are relatively easy to scare — and often by their own kind! Some of their most feared natural enemies are predators like owls and hawks, and many home or business owners set up scarecrows, or dummy predators, to keep pest birds away. These decoys can be placed on roof lines or on porches and look enough like the real thing to fool nuisance birds, keeping them from making regular visits.

Another effective option is the use of light reflection devices, hung in windows and in trees. These shiny rods or discs work to both blind the birds when sunlight hits them and scare them away with the noise they generate when the wind blows. Depending on your situation, scare tactics can be an effective way to achieve bird control in Puerto Rico.

Don’t Let Them Get Too Comfortable

Birds are always looking for places to settle down — to nest, rest, or roost. Don’t make it easy for them! Physical barriers like meshing or netting, and non-chemical deterrents like spikes, work well to discourage pest birds, especially some of the larger varieties. These methods are safe and effective options if utilized properly, which is why it’s important to choose the right kind of deterrent and then make sure it’s installed in the appropriate location of your home or business. The experts at Oliver Exterminating can help you determine what kind of barrier solution works best for your needs and where and how it should be installed to achieve optimal results.

Bad Chemistry is a Good Idea

Like a lot of wild animals, birds can be very sensitive to taste and smell. Chemical deterrents, in the form of sprays and gels, have been developed to unpleasantly affect these senses in certain species of nuisance birds, and when used to treat windowsills, lawns, or trees, are successful at keeping them away from your property. But because they can have narrow effectiveness and can be highly regulated, it’s best to consult a professional before deciding on their use.

Call the Experts at Bird Control in Puerto Rico!

Ultimately, if pest birds — or nuisance animals of any kind — become a problem around your home or business, it’s wise to reach out to the experts who are trained in and knowledgeable of all the ways there are to rid your property of these unwelcomed visitors. Oliver Exterminating has years of experience helping Puerto Rico’s businesses and residences stay pest-free!  Our methods are thorough, safe, and humane, so let us help you say goodbye birdies and hello pest-free living!

If nuisance animals are risking your health or well-being, don’t delay! Contact us today to learn more about the safe and effective solutions we have to rid you of your pest problems!