Hotel Pest Prevention: When to Contact the Pest Professionals

hotel pest prevention

Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic thrive in the hospitality industry due to tourism, and hotels are a regular stop for visitors. Hotels are designed to provide an experience that makes customers want to choose it for their vacation and come back every time they travel. You don’t want that experience to be ruined by unruly and unwanted pests. Once pests get in it can be hard to ensure that every single one gets out. This is why hotel pest prevention is imperative, and the earlier you invest the better.

Hotels are larger than just the average residence or commercial space, which means they need a pest management team that can handle a large space with multiple rooms, a lot of furniture, and all other aspects that come with a hotel’s interior. Here are some services to look for in a hotel pest prevention provider such as Oliver Exterminating.

Bed Bug Control

According to Pest World, 68% of hotels and motels have bed bugs. These tiny bugs can wreak havoc on customers as they sleep, and bad reviews and reports of bed bugs can lead to less and less business. With Oliver Exterminating’s bed bug control services, hotels can eliminate bed bugs as soon as they see the signs. This minimizes the chance of them spreading and helps keep customers happy.

Common signs of a bed bug infestation include: the bugs themselves, feces or casings, or a musty smell that bed bugs are notorious for. If all or any of these are found in a hotel, contact the pest professionals at Oliver Exterminating right away.

Rodent Control

Perhaps one of the more aggravating pests to see in a hotel, rodents are guests that you never want to stay. Rodents are attracted to the warmth, shelter, and food that comes with a hotel. They prefer to do their damage at night with fewer interactions with humans that could scare them into hiding. When you see signs of rodents visiting your hotel, it is time to contact a pest management professional. Oliver Exterminating offers rodent control that can help get them out and keep them out, so you and your guests never have to worry about a sighting that could ruin the hotel’s reputation.

Bioremediation Services

Keeping pipes clear is always beneficial for hotels to avoid clogs or blockages, but did you know that clogged pipes can also lead to drain flies and other pests invading the hotel? Drain flies set up their homes in the drains, and without bioremediation they can grow and become a problem for guests. Oliver Exterminating’s bio-services include Bio-Stim, a unique product that helps clear drains and eliminate drain flies, that Oliver Exterminating uses exclusively.

Hotel Pest Prevention Through Employee Training

Hotels can be busy places a with guests coming in and out constantly, but calling a pest management professional every time something goes awry can add up quickly. There are certain things that employees can do to help prevent unwanted guests from entering the hotel. By picking up food, removing trash frequently, diligently checking storage areas, and keeping areas clean, employees can do their part until the pest management professionals of Oliver Exterminating can get rid of these unwanted pests for good.

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