3 Reasons Why Keeping Bees Away from Commercial Businesses Is so Important

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When you think of commercial pest control in Puerto Rico, bees may not be the first pest that comes to mind. However, don’t underestimate the power of bees to do damage on your commercial property. In this post, we’ll explain a few of the ways bees can become a serious problem, along with what Oliver Exterminating can do to help.

A Potential Danger to Anyone on Your Property

Bees are an important part of Puerto Rico’s ecosystem. Without their help, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers in your yard! However, a bee infestation can cause serious problems for anyone on your property. Bees are attracted to bright colors, like the ones often found in clothing, and bee stings can be painful. In addition to causing discomfort, bee stings can be deadly for some, triggering anaphylactic shock that could lead to death. Keep the visitors to your property safe by taking bee infestations seriously. Commercial pest control in Puerto Rico is your best bet to keeping your visitors secure.

Potential Property Damage

Bees sometimes choose to make their homes in the walls of buildings. Beehives can be heavy, filled with honeycomb and honey. When the colony dies off, that honey has nowhere to go except the walls of your building, causing moisture-related problems like mold and dry rot. The costs associated with these problems can be high, not to mention the problems associated with having a bee colony living in your walls. Keep your employees and visitors safe by ensuring your building is “bee-proofed.”

Insurance Policies Often Do Not Cover Bee Damage

Many policy holders don’t realize that bees are oftentimes not included in their coverage. While bees are somewhat rarer than other insect pests, the damage they do can cost property owners thousands of dollars to repair. If you’re planning on turning to your insurance company should an infestation arise, you might want to think again. The best way to avoid the costs associated with a bee infestation is to avoid an infestation altogether. The experts in commercial pest control in Puerto Rico — Oliver Exterminating –have years of experience dealing with bee infestations, and we can inspect your property to ensure that you’re not at risk for a bee infestation. When it comes to your property insurance, the best policy in this case is prevention.

These are just a few potential problems caused by bees that property owners should keep in mind. Contact the premier commercial pest control in Puerto Rico at Oliver Exterminating to learn what you can do to prevent or manage a bee infestation today!