Mosquito biting someone in San Juan PR - Rentokil Are there mosquitoes all around your home in San Juan PR? If so, you’re not alone. Our climate is absolutely perfect for mosquitoes – with our high temperatures and humidity, they are able to thrive for the greater part of the year.

Mosquitoes can make use of all kinds of spaces around our yards for breeding grounds. The quick turnaround of their reproductive cycle allows for constantly growing populations. It almost seems like they can’t be stopped!

So, what are we supposed to do to alleviate mosquito problems in our area?

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

To find the best mosquito prevention tactics, it’s helpful to learn about what draws them in. Since their reproductive process is so fast, you’ll generally find mosquitoes hanging around standing water. This is because mosquitoes lay their eggs on top of a still water source. Mosquitoes make use of any standing water that they can find, both natural and man-made. This includes:

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Ponds
  • Gutters
  • Birdbaths
  • Buckets
  • Anywhere else that rainwater collects

5 Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes

There are a number of DIY mosquito repellent options, and some work better than others. Our experts consider these five preventative measures to be the best options for residents of Puerto Rico:

  1. Get rid of standing water. Because mosquitoes use it for their breeding grounds, eliminating still water from your yard will contribute to a significant decline in mosquito numbers. Check for build-up in gutters, buckets, puddles, and anywhere else you think it could be accumulating.
  2. Keep your lawn mowed. Your lawn could be holding pockets of standing water, or if it is kept untamed, it could be providing safe resting spots for mosquitoes during the night and midday. Mow your lawn regularly, or seek the help of a professional lawn care service.
  3. Consider mosquito control rings. Mosquito control rings can be placed in a water source to reduce the chance of eggs being laid there. They control an area of up to 100 square feet by emitting a type of bacteria that destroys mosquito eggs.
  4. Clean pools, ponds, and birdbaths. Algae growth in your pools, ponds, or birdbaths could be serving as a food source for growing mosquito larvae. Clean algae off of the surface of the water or introduce oxygenating plants to the environment to reduce algae naturally.
  5. Have your yard professionally treated. If you’ve tried all of the DIY mosquito prevention methods you can think of to no avail, it’s time to reach out to your local mosquito control experts.

Mosquito Exterminators in San Juan PR

A professional pest control company can conduct intricate treatments that are designed specifically for your home. Using advanced techniques and eco-conscious products, Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating, has been successfully exterminating mosquitoes in the San Juan PR area for over 60 years. If these tips just aren’t enough to combat your mosquito problem, contact us today for a free quote.

5 Smart Tips From the Mosquito Control Experts in Puerto Rico

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