Pest-Free in Three: 3 Easy Rules Your Employees Can Follow to Lower Your Risk of Infestation

It’s bad enough to come home and find pests like ants, roaches, or mice making themselves comfortable in your cupboards or closets. But if you’re a business owner, these creatures are truly the last thing you want your customers to see in your restaurant or office. Pest management services like Oliver Exterminating get worried phone calls from business owners all the time, and when we do, we let them know it’s important to follow a few simple rules that reduce the risk of attracting pests — and even more important that their employees follow them as well. Let’s look at three steps you and your staff can take to help keep your business pest-free.

Keep it Clean

While this might be an obvious tactic, keeping your business clean at all times really is an important and effective deterrent to pests like mice and roaches. Restaurant owners know this perhaps better than anyone, but keeping your workspace free of food messes, or easily accessible food, is important no matter what your profession. The bottom line is, free and easily found food sources are major magnets for pests, so make sure your employees know to clean spills and crumbs as soon as possible, wipe down surfaces, store food in airtight containers, and wash dirty dishes promptly. Following these rules will minimize your chances of unwanted pest guests showing up at your next meal.

Keep it Dry

Most of us would believe that finding food is the primary goal of any pest, but in fact, it’s water that attracts them most. That’s why, if you want to avoid calling on the help of pest management services, it’s smart to keep things as dry as possible. Puddles of water and even condensation can be enough to attract insects and vermin, especially when natural water sources are scarce. So, make sure to remind your employees to eliminate any areas of standing water they might find, to let you know about leaking faucets or pipes so they can be repaired immediately, and to treat plumbing carefully so that blockages don’t occur, which can keep water from flowing freely. Water is a resource that all creatures, including pests, seek out. Don’t make it available to them.

Keep it Inhospitable

Pests like to make their homes in spaces that offer lots of hiding places, nooks, and crannies. Cluttered offices, warehouses, garages, and other areas that may or may not see a lot of foot traffic are favorites of pests because these spaces provide them excellent cover. Tell your employees to keep all areas free of clutter, especially storage areas. Make sure they get rid of older boxes, papers and packaging first, because older material is more likely to be infested. Lastly, make sure to inspect all storage areas regularly so that if you do see signs of pest activity, pest management services can be promptly employed.

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