3 Common Pests You Might Expect to Find in Puerto Rico Hotels

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Hotel pest control in Puerto Rico is especially important. Hotels attract pests – it’s a universal truth, and Puerto Rican hotels are no exception. There are many factors that make hotels particularly vulnerable to pests. For instance, guests often leave food out in their rooms, a surefire way to keep pests well-fed. Furthermore, a constant influx of new visitors makes hotels the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs, a souvenir that no one wants to take home. Finally, like any other business, cracks and holes provide an easy access point for many pests. Common-sense measures like professional bed bug inspection can be extremely helpful in preventing infestations. Read on to learn how Oliver Exterminating can help with a wide array of hotel pest control in Puerto Rico.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are among the most frustrating pests to deal with. They make their homes in bedding and the area around beds. Their bites are painful, and they can be extremely hard to eradicate. Many people try to manage bed bug infestations on their own, but find that they’ve only made things worse. Bed bugs are experts when it comes to evading amateur exterminators, and can hide their eggs in out-of-the-way places. Worst of all, they are easily transported in clothing and luggage, meaning any guest can potentially infest your hotel, and new guests are susceptible to transporting the infestation to their home. This is why bed bug inspections are so critical.

An ineffective pest management program just results in bed bugs expanding their territory. It’s important to rely on pest management professionals like Oliver to get the job done right. If you take preventative measures such as using bed-bug proof mattress covers and utilizing Oliver for regular bed bug inspections, you can keep your hotel’s reputation as a bed-bug-free zone intact.


Rats are another notorious hotel pest. Rats are attracted to leftover food, which is common in guest rooms as well as kitchen areas. Their chewing can cause extensive damage to furniture and electrical systems. Their droppings are unsanitary, can repel guests, and can ruin a hotel’s good reputation in a flash. The good news is that Oliver Exterminating can effectively end a rat infestation, and we can help you take preventative measures to keep one from starting in the first place. When it comes to hotel pest control in Puerto Rico, a rat infestation is serious business that should be handled by experienced professionals.


Ants can be a tricky and stubborn pest to deal with. Like rats, they’re attracted to food that’s been left out. Hotel managers often try to combat ant infestations themselves by utilizing store-bought ant sprays. However, measures like this are ineffective in the long-run. It’s important that hotel managers regularly inspect their properties for cracks and other entryways that allow ants access to your business in the first place. It’s also important that they implement highly-effective food storage management in their kitchens to keep from attracting the attention of ants in the first place. Oliver Exterminating can help keep ants away from your hotel through a combination of extermination and prevention services.

When it comes to hotel pest control in Puerto Rico, it’s important to stay vigilant. Keep your hotel clean and pest-free by utilizing Oliver Exterminating’s bed bug inspection services and other pest management measures. Contact us today to learn more!