Avoid These Pest Management Tactics That Don't Work

#1. “Bug Bombs”

Bug bombs (also known as foggers) are pest control products that advertise their ability to kill pests by using aerosol propellants to aerate poisonous substances, killing any bugs within their reach. While it can be tempting to invest in these seemingly quick solutions, they’re not always as effective as they seem. In addition to the potential dangers to you and your family if the foggers are used incorrectly, they don’t reach bugs that aren’t out in the open at the time of the fogging. That means these bug bombs are potentially ineffective on pests such as bed bugs that hide underneath coverings.

#2. Throwing Away Furniture

While it may be necessary to get rid of some household items during an infestation, don’t make the decision to throw away furniture before you’ve consulted with an expert. Oftentimes throwing away furniture will only solve part of the problem. For instance, bed bugs can also live in the molding and carpet of a bedroom. Throwing away a mattress before the room is properly inspected by pest control services could mean that any new mattress you bring in will also become infested. Hold off on throwing away or replacing furniture until you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

#3. Osage Oranges

It’s a commonly-held belief that osage oranges will repel spiders. However, many people don’t realize that it’s not the oranges themselves but the trees they grow on that possess spider-repelling properties. Keep in mind that leaving out fruit like oranges can actually attract pests such as ants, making this myth especially counterproductive when it comes to pest management.

These are just three common pest management tactics that don’t actually work. When you’re dealing with an active infestation, it’s crucial to take advantage of the pest control services in your area. At Oliver Exterminating, we have years of experience managing pests and will be able to help you take control of the situation quickly and efficiently. Reach out to us today if you’re experiencing an infestation or are looking for ways to prevent one.

Ways to Stop Inviting Pests Into Your Home in Puerto Rico

There’s really nothing more frustrating than having a pest control issue but not knowing where the pests are coming into your home from. The truth is that pests need a few simple ingredients to thrive. Shelter, food, warmth, and water are right at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, many Puerto Rican households sometimes forget to drain their sinks or bathtubs after using them or leave food around for pests like mice, ants, and cockroaches to feast on. Decanting birdbaths or small kiddie pools to prevent mosquitoes is simple enough but too many homeowners wait until it’s too late.

Signs that pests have already made it into your home are: droppings, noises in the walls or along your floorboards, chewed wrappers or wiring, a musky smell in the basement, or gnawed wood out back (termites).

Fortunately, there are DIY stops that you can take to significantly reduce the chances that pests make inroads into your home or business.

Steps to Take Right Now to Reduce Pest Issues

The easiest step that you can take right now to prevent pests from making your home an oasis is making sure that all of your food is canned, zipped, protected by plastic containers, or unopened in a drawer. Food or morsels of food on the floor or in the carpet can make it far too easy for mice and other pests to snatch up. If you’re unsure if your kitchen floor is totally free of food, then a quick sweep or vacuum should be enough.

Your garbage can also be a hotspot for raccoons, possums, and mice who want nothing more than to chow down. Keep a tight lid on your trash to prevent that from happening.

Block Your Home’s or Workplace’s Entrances

Next, you’ll want to prevent pests such as snakes or spiders as well as small pests like mice and ants from getting the chance to enter your home in the first place. But how?

Caulking your windows and doors is a great prevention method. As it turns out, weatherstripping and caulking are also wonderful ways to conserve your heating efforts and save on your energy expenses this winter season.

Small openings along your baseboards are also ways that critters make it into your home through walls or move from room to room. Plugging up any gaps that you find and perhaps adding screens to your windows and doors can be really beneficial.

Keep Your Home and Backyard Free of Clutter

Pests such as cockroaches and even termites like to hide in dark places. Out of sight is unfortunately out of mind for too many Puerto Rican homeowners.

One way to prevent pests from wreaking havoc on your home is to keep your home and backyard free of clutter. This means keeping trees trimmed and wood piles away from the home. Removing standing water is also a great way to prevent mosquitoes in your yard.

Thinking About Long-term Pest Control in Puerto Rico?

The only long-term, surefire way of ensuring a future free of pests, though, is enlisting the help of professionals to monitor the situation and make home or workplace pest control visits when necessary.

Oliver Exterminating pest control in Puerto Rico has been trusted since 1956, giving personal and thorough pest control care for residents of Puerto Rico and surrounding areas. We make it our mission to provide the best pest management possible and help you to maintain a pest free home or work environment. For more information about the services we offer, be sure to contact a representative today!