Residential and Commercial Pest Control: What's the Difference?

The difference between residential and commercial pest control often boils down to the time frame that you have for taking action and what can happen if you allow a pest infestation to linger.

Residential pest control is usually a fairly straightforward process. You simply contact Oliver Exterminating Services San Juan corporate office to schedule an appointment.

Oliver Exterminating Services offers pest control, wildlife control, and lawn care services to residents of Puerto Rico and many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. Actually, Oliver is one of the most experienced and certainly one of the largest private pest control operations active in the region today.

The Residential Pest Control Process 

With residential pest control, you can expect a comprehensive initial inspection followed by environmentally friendly approaches to take care of today’s problems (i.e., corrective pest control) and keep pest control issues at bay in the future (i.e., preventive pest control).

The end goal is protecting the investment you have in your home and keeping you and your family safe. There are no binding contracts to sign and callbacks between services come at no additional charge so you can have peace of mind in knowing that there are experienced professionals a mere phone call away.

Residential pest control often means having a protective barrier placed around your home to prevent or eliminate insect entry, wildlife control services for immediate problems, and receiving advice on how best to seal your home against pests.

In some respects, as you’ll see in a minute, residential pest control is somewhat simpler than commercial pest control in that residential pest control is about keeping your home and family safe. Period.

With commercial pest control, though, you’re talking about more moving parts and things to protect. Although the consequences of not dealing with fleas and ticks with flea and tick control can definitely be disastrous for your family, a business owner that fails to deal with a pest control issue could lose everything.

Commercial Pest Control: What’s at Stake and How Best to Protect Your Business Investment 

The reason that commercial pest control is seen as slightly more complicated than residential pest control is that commercial pest control includes many different kinds of businesses and industries.

You could be talking about a nursing home in Puerto Rico, a restaurant in many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico, a franchise location at a hotel chain, or a brick-and-mortar storefront that’s being overtaken by a rodent infestation.

So, you’re potentially talking about many different kinds of industries. Of course, that also means that you’re talking about different kinds of inspections and health challenges.

If you’re working within the catering and hospitality industry, an unchecked pest control issue could mean thousands of sick customers due to food poisoning. After that, a passing grade from a health inspector might be the least of your issues.

Bed bugs can also afflict hotel owners if they’re not careful. Even in a warehouse environment, failing to deal with a pest control issue immediately could mean thousands of dollars lost in the value of damaged goods. A business reputation, once hit, might never recover.

Pest Control to Fit Unique Industries

Oliver Pest Control has engineered and tested pest control methods to serve the needs of professionals in a variety of different industries, including office buildings, universities, restaurants, schools, warehouses, transport, distribution, and many more.

Commercial pest control at Oliver Exterminating Services includes rodent and wildlife control, of course, but also sophisticated pest control equipment like a subterranean termite baiting system and micro TimeMist dispensers to deal with commercial pest control issues.

Protect both your family and business by contacting Oliver Exterminating Services today.

5 Services Offered at Oliver Exterminating Services

Puerto Rico pest control specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services have been enabling Puerto Rico residents to remain pest free since 1956.

In fact, the specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services feel so confident in their ability to remove p…

Puerto Rico pest control specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services have been enabling Puerto Rico residents to remain pest free since 1956.

In fact, the specialists at Oliver Exterminating Services feel so confident in their ability to remove pests from your home that they provide you with their pestfree365 program promise. So, what’s that all about?

1) Pestfree365 Program for Businesses and Homeowners

This promise means that if you contact Oliver Exterminating Services to help eradicate any pest or wildlife issue that you’re facing at your home or business, then you have a much greater assurance of remaining pest free for the next year.

With the pestfree365 program, you can receive corrective, immediate peace of mind and removal of pests as well as preventive pest control services so that you don’t have to worry about pests throughout the year.

This comprehensive Puerto Rico pest control program works extremely well for businesses and homes throughout Puerto Rico because with it you’ll get a full property inspection and yearly termite inspection.

You’ll be protected against the pests that’ll be discussed below — including: rodents, cockroaches, termites, moths, wasps, bees, ants, mosquitoes, and other insects—without having to sign a contract.

2) Termite Issues and Your Foundation

Dry wood termites can cause dramatic damage to your home’s foundation, so taking care of the problem right away is advisable.

The pestfree365 program includes a yearly termite inspection but if you suspect that you’re dealing with a termite issue, then you might want to consider termite pest control from Oliver and going with the most experienced tent fumigators in Puerto Rico.

3) Flea and Tick Control

Fleas can be a big issue for your pets and ticks can carry harmful diseases like Lyme disease. Flea and tick control is a surefire way of dealing with this issue before it gets out of hand.

4) Lawn Care Services at Oliver Puerto Rico

Whether you’re a homeowner managing a family or business owner managing a property (or both!) you can cancel at any time or contact Oliver Exterminating Services headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico to get more services included like expert lawn care along with your plan.

Lawn care services means a lot of different things. The lawn care professionals at Oliver have years of experience in applying year-round liquid fertilizer to ensure that your grass grows green and lush and never gets that “baked out” brown look that the summer heat in Puerto Rico can give some lawns.

Your lawn will get the water and fertilization schedule that it needs to increase your home’s curb appeal or increase the number of clients and customers gracing your business. You’ll also get regular checks for the kinds of pests that threaten lawns: ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, and various forms of wildlife.

5) Wildlife Control Services at Oliver

Pests can destroy your lawn, ruin the garden that you’ve meticulously cultivated over the spring and summer months, and even harm the foundation or interior of your home.

Wildlife control services to combat this threat might be the ideal solution for your home or business. Raccoons, mice, rats, and even mongoose can all threaten to bring down your home’s property value, decrease your quality of life, and perhaps even jeopardize your safety since many of these critters can carry diseases harmful to humans.

Whether you live in San Juan, Bayamon, , Ponce, or Mayaguez or even many neighborhoods in Puerto Rico Oliver Exterminating Services wildlife control services can take care of your pest issues. For Puerto Rico pest control, no other company is more experienced, professional, timely, and personable.