Mosquito and Tick-Borne Diseases: 4 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

Mosquitoes and ticks are some of the worst biting insects around. Mosquitoes by themselves can infect you with such things as Zika, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and a host of other illnesses. Likewise, ticks can also make you sick by infecting you with Lyme disease, spotted fever, tularemia, and several others.

Both of these bugs have plagued humans for centuries, and back then there wasn’t a whole lot anyone could do if they became infected. Modern medicine will usually take care of any mosquito or tick-borne diseases, but the best way to not get sick is by preventing them from biting you.

Here are four ways to prevent mosquito and tick-borne diseases from bugging you while keeping your family safe.

#1 – Keep Them Out of Your Home

This sounds like the easiest thing to do, but it may be the most difficult. Mosquitoes can fly in any open window, and ticks can come in from pets, kids, or anyone who had been outdoors.

Always keep doors closed and screens on your windows to prevent mosquitoes from flying in, and check pets and people who have been outside, for ticks. You’ll generally find ticks around the head and neck area of pets, and on people, they will usually be crawling up a leg, on the back, and in hair on the head.

#2 – Insect Repellent

A good insect repellent applied to the skin and clothing is very effective. If you are around trees, at the beach, or plan to be out and about around dusk, an insect repellent will discourage mosquitoes and ticks from landing or crawling on you.

Make sure all of the exposed parts of your body are thoroughly covered, and also apply it to your clothing, especially on your pants legs.

#3 – Clothing from Head to Foot

Although this may not be possible during the hotter parts of the year, if you can keep yourself covered, you’ll be far less susceptible to biting insects.

If possible, wear lighter colored clothing, especially when you are in tick infested areas. If you come into contact with ticks, you’ll be able to see them crawling on your clothing, and you can then remove them before they bite.

#4 – Mosquito and Tick Control

If you are bothered by mosquitoes and ticks around your residence, you can actually get mosquito and tick control done by a professional exterminator. Areas can be sprayed to kill mosquitoes and ticks, and this can be done as regular maintenance or scheduled before gatherings to make the area safe and bug free.

If you are worried about mosquito and tick-borne diseases, contact the experts at Oliver Exterminating. We can take care of any nasty mosquito or tick problems you may have, and that might be the best way to keep your family safe against the diseases that come from mosquitoes or ticks.

How to Keep the Mosquitoes and Ticks Away

Mosquitoes and ticks around your home can be a major problem in the summer. For many people, they can be so bad that they keep them from spending time outdoors with friends and family even when the weather is nice. In worst case scenarios, these unpleasant insects can also spread disease.

Keeping mosquitoes and ticks at bay doesn’t have to be a complicated process, though. In general, a multi-faceted approach to keeping these pests out of your yard will work best. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep mosquitoes and ticks away from your backyard for good.

Care for Your Yard Properly

When it comes to keeping the mosquitoes and ticks away from you and your family, prevention is generally the best medicine. This all starts with proper yard maintenance that will help deter these insects from making your home a breeding ground.

Removing standing water from your home in bird baths or stored outdoor items is an important first step. If you do have a bird bath in your yard, make sure it has a pump or utilizes a fountain of running water instead of allowing the water to collect in a still basin.

Outdoor work items like wheelbarrows and even deep shovels can also collect standing water. Put these items in the garage, a tool shed, or simply cover them with a water-resistant tarp if they must remain out.

Getting wet leaves and other yard debris out of your yard should be on your priorities list as well. Wet leaves and grass clippings can be insect magnets that put mosquitoes and ticks in your general vicinity this season.

Swimming pools should also be covered when they are not in use to deter bugs from spending time in your backyard.

Try Citronella

Citronella candles are an old standby, and in many cases, they can work to repel insects that want to bother you when you’re outdoors. Large citronella torches can also help you light an outdoor space in the evening hours while keeping bothersome bugs away.

Citronella sprays designed to be worn on your skin may also help keep insects away from you when you’re working in the yard, playing with pets, or just enjoying some sunshine.

Don’t Forget the Bug Spray

Old-fashioned bug spray, when used properly, can be very effective. In areas where mosquitoes and ticks are common, it’s also an easy-to-use tool that will keep you from getting bitten as frequently.

Use bug spray in conjunction with other options like citronella.

Grab a Fan

Citronella candles and traditional bug spray can help you in your fight against mosquitoes and ticks, but some of the more persistent among them always seem to find a way to get through those common repellents. There may be one trick that you’re not aware of when it comes to keeping mosquitoes and ticks away from you, though.

When seated outdoors, try placing an oscillating fan in your general vicinity. You don’t have to set the fan on a very high level so you’re getting a ton of air – you just need a little to keep the bugs from landing near you.

For many people, a simple oscillating fan can make having a dinner outdoors or just enjoying a sunset a lot more pleasant.

Hire an Insect Exterminator

Mosquitoes and ticks can be a major problem for some people, and while home remedies work in some cases, they aren’t always as effective as you’d like. That’s when it’s time to turn to a qualified insect exterminator.

When you hire an insect exterminator, you can get rid of infestations quickly. To find out how Oliver Exterminating can help you get rid of your mosquito and tick problems, give us a call today!