Preventative Pest Control: Reasons Why Commercial Spaces Need to Take Action Now

Whether you operate a bakery in San Juan, a government office in Ponce, or a local manufacturing space in Mayagüez, keeping pests out of your space is crucial to the success of your operations. Organizations that have to deal with pests face a wide range of negative consequences, including damaged relationships, lost productivity, and even extensive physical damage to a property. Like any other type of commercial problem, prevention is the best way to approach infestations.

Puerto Rico’s Unique Pest Control Problems

Due to Puerto Rico’s tropical climate and lush geography, bugs and small animals are everywhere. Businesses in the country face threats from mosquitoes, termites, birds, ants, and a wide range of other pests that are always at your doorstep. Because these pests are never more than a short distance from your property, you need to make sure your space is protected from infestation throughout the year. If pests show up in your shop or office while customers or clients are present, it’s already too late.

At Oliver Exterminating, we approach prevention through the principle of Integrated Pest Management. We know that the success of your business depends on a wide range of factors, and we account for all those factors when delivering our services. Your reputation in the community, the safety of your employees and customers, and the health of the local environment are all affected by our ability to deal with pests the right way.

Effective Prevention Techniques

Fumigation is an effective technique for pest mitigation because it eliminates a wide range of insect threats. If your business involves exporting or importing shipping containers, fumigation can prevent infestations locally and abroad. We use a broad range of fumigants to deal with the two most common pests that affect Puerto Rican businesses: the pine wood nematode and the Asian longhorned beetle. The pine wood nematode can cause the widespread death of pine trees, while the longhorned beetle is a threat to all of America’s hardwood trees.

Many clients associate pest control with chemicals, but some of the most effective ways to prevent pests involve equipment that requires no spraying or fumes. We help our commercial clients take advantage of:

  • Glue insect light traps
  • Rat and mouse traps
  • Advanced subterranean termite baiting systems
  • Electrocuting insect light traps

In Puerto Rico, we care a great deal about being friendly to the environment, so the equipment and services Oliver Extermination offers adhere to the strictest eco-friendly practices. Our pest control services are safe and effective for food processing plants, shopping centers, docks, universities, governmental agencies, and even airports.

Get in Touch with a Professional

Every pest control prevention technique or piece of equipment offered by a professional can be enhanced with proper education. When you request our service, we’ll work closely with you to make sure your organization is implementing strategies that effectively deal with all potential pest threats. Our goal is to be your partner in success in both the short and long term. Contact Oliver Exterminating today to begin your pest prevention program.


Pestfree365 and Hospitality: What You Need to Know

Oliver Exterminating has been serving communities in Puerto Rico for over fifty years.

The expert technicians at Oliver Exterminating pledge to keep your home or business pest-free every day of the year through Oliver Exterminating’s PestFree 365 …

Oliver Exterminating has been serving communities in Puerto Rico for over fifty years.

The expert technicians at Oliver Exterminating pledge to keep your home or business pest-free every day of the year through Oliver Exterminating’s pestfree365 program.

What this means in practice is that your home or business will be protected against the 40 most prevalent pests indigenous to Puerto Rico. These include pests like: ants, flying roaches, spiders, and various reptiles.

What You Should Know about pestfree365

The pestfree365 program allows you to make unlimited service calls at no additional charge should you experience a problem after dealing with one of Oliver Exterminating’s expert pest-reduction technicians.

With convenient scheduling on your terms, a friendly customer service staff, and eco-friendly pest prevention and removal techniques that are safe for both children and the environment, you can be protected under a comprehensive plan without signing a contract or paying in advance.

Oliver Exterminating has many locations from which to choose: four in Puerto Rico. You can arrange an appointment online or by phone and get a free, no-obligation quote based around your needs and schedule.

Oliver Exterminating Is Established and Expanding

Oliver Exterminating is a well-known extermination and pest-prevention service available in Puerto Rico. In fact, Oliver Exterminating is the oldest comprehensive pest control company operating in Puerto Rico—Oliver Exterminating was founded in 1956!

Oliver Exterminating prevents the most prevalent and destructive pests indigenous to Puerto Rico from calling your residence home. The pestfree365 program offers you automatic protection against bed bugs in addition to protection against other pests.

With branches across Puerto Rico—Oliver Exterminating has five locations ranging from Mayaguez out west to to Puerto Rico’s east—Oliver Exterminating isn’t content resting on its laurels.

Come to Oliver Exterminating for a Range of Residential Services

Moth, rodent, and flea control are all residential pest control services handled in-house by Oliver Exterminating’s expert technicians.

Chances are, if it’s a pest indigenous to Puerto Rico, Oliver Exterminating’s expert technicians have come across it before!

What you might not know about Oliver Exterminating is that it offers professional lawn care services to its Puerto Rican residential and commercial customers. Expert technicians at Oliver Exterminating Puerto Rico can come to your home or workplace and target Puerto Rico’s most annoying pests while they provide lawn care services on your property.

Oliver Exterminating Also Offers Eco-friendly Commercial Services

Integrated pest management (IPM) practices at Oliver Exterminating have been helping Puerto Rican businesses ensure that pests aren’t harming their bottom line. IPM also uses eco-friendly pest-control solutions and focused on prevention.

Oliver Exterminating is proud to work with professionals from a wide range of industries in both Puerto Rico.

These include those working in distribution warehouses, offices, manufacturers, and hospitality, as well as professionals working in schools, government offices, and the transportation sector.

Oliver Exterminating is constantly retraining its employees to improve their pest prevention skills and knowledge. That might mean looking for pest entry points in warehouses or advising commercial clients on better food storage. Anything to keep your business safe and efficient! Visit our website to learn more!